Visual Arts

The Mt. Vernon High School Visual Art Department offers a cutting-edge and nationally recognized curriculum.  In traditional/studio art, the courses offered are: Introduction to 2D Art, Advanced 2D Art, Introduction to 3D Art, Advanced 3D Art, Drawing, Painting.  In digital/applied media, the courses offered are: Digital Design (including 2D, 3D, and animation), Photography (digital format, photo-editing, music video, and video editing), and Visual Communications (including commercial design, print advertising, television advertising, and web design).  Qualifying Senior art students may qualify to enroll in the AP Studio Art course.  All courses cover visual art history and careers relevant to the particular area.The Visual Art Department offers membership in its Art Guild which holds a variety of events including: field trips, visiting artists, and charity activities.

The Visual Art Department holds two annual art shows at the end of each semester.  The students can also participate in three regional art shows, two national art competitions, and college portfolio/scholarship competitions.

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